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Andrew Pitt, dominated proceedings in front of his home crowd at Phillip Island today. The Fuchs Kawasaki rider finished fastest in free practice this morning, before blitzing his way to his first ever World Supersport pole position during this afternoon's second and final qualifying session.

The final ten minutes of supersport qualifying are usually frenetic, and today was no exception. Winner of the opening round, Fabien Foret, made the early running before being ousted from pole position by former champion, Stephane Chambon. With just 90 seconds left of the session to run, Pitt made his move; stopping the clock at 1'35.777 to claim pole position as his own. Britain's Jamie Whitham took the final front row place on the grid for tomorrow's Supersport race.


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Perfect ending to this race too ... Nice to see that the man who's replica helmet I wear won. Here's a hint - the helmet's green, black and purple :)

Izitsu was looking good in the superbike races as well - one point the commentators made several times was thatthis is Kawasakis last year running a Superbike in the world series as things stand. I suspect they'll re-enter when the litre i4 bikes are legal in 2004 with the much rumoured ZX10R which will hopefully be based on the GP bike.


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New Release from the 600 final:

Current Standings:

World Supersport Race Result

1. Andrew Pitt, Australia (Fuchs Kawasaki) 34'18.694
2. Piergiorgio Bontempi, Italy (Ducati) 34'22.657
3. Stephane Chambon, France (Suzuki) 34'26.855
4. Katsuaki Fujiwara, Japan (Suzuki) 34'27.225
5. Jorg Teuchert, Germany (Yamaha) 34'28.978
6. Christian Kellner, Germany (Yamaha) 34'33.750
7. Christophe Cogan, France (Honda) 34'35.976
8. Iain MacPherson, GB (Honda) 34'36.004
9. Fabien Foret, France (Honda) 34'38.841
10. Alessio Corradi, Italy (Yamaha) 34'40.515
15. James Ellison (Fuchs Kawasaki) 34'56.617

World Supersport Championship Points

1. Andrew Pitt (Fuchs Kawasaki) 36
2. Chambon 36
3. Foret 32
4. Kellner 26
5. Bontempi 25
6. Vermeulen 18
7. Corradi 15
8. Fujiwara 13
9. Teuchert 11
10. Whitham 10
20. James Ellison (Fuchs Kawasaki) 2

Manufacturer's Championship

1 Kawasaki 36
2 Suzuki 36
3 Honda 34
4 Yamaha 27
5 Ducati 25

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Full release from Kawasaki for the WSBK race:


Reigning World Champion Troy Bayliss scored a home circuit double at Phillip Island today, with the Australian joined on the podium by Colin Edwards and Ruben Xaus in both races. For Fuchs Kawasaki riders, Hitoyasu Izutsu and Chris Walker, it was a day of mixed emotions at Phillip Island. After fighting his way through to sixth place in race one, to finish as the highest placed four-cylinder rider, Izutsu crashed out of fourth place in race two, whilst battling with Neil Hodgson and Noriyuki Haga.

'It was good to finish as the top four-cylinder rider again in race one, but I was a bit disappointed with my crash in race two,' said Izutsu. 'I was having a good race and fighting with Hodgson and Haga, but I had to push real hard to stay on terms with them. I managed to force my way through into fourth place, but then lost the front going into MG corner on lap 17. It wasn't so much a mistake; more a case of knowing that if I didn't push it as hard as I was, then it wasn't going to be long before I found myself back in sixth place again.'

Two ninth place finishes leave Chris Walker joint seventh in the championship standings, tied on points with team-mate Izutsu. The results may have been the same, but the two races couldn't have been more different for Walker.

'If it hadn't been such hard work, then race one would have been a bit boring,' said Walker. 'I got a really good start, moving up to about sixth place in the first turn, but then I got boxed in and had to roll it off. You never really recover from that and, once I'd worked my way past Frankie Chili, I ended up circulating on my own. I could see the group of riders in front, but they were just too far away for me to close the gap.'

'Race two was completely different,' continued the 29-year-old British rider. 'I caught Toseland and Lavilla and, for the first time this year, I actually felt like I was racing; it felt real good. I was having problems with sweat getting into my bad eye, so I didn't want to risk putting in a hard pass on either rider to try and take seventh, but you can bet I won't hesitate when I'm back to 100% fitness! Overall, I enjoyed the second race and I'm looking forward to the next one in South Africa.'

Fuchs Kawasaki Team Manager, Harald Eckl: 'I couldn't have asked any more of Hitoyasu and Chris this weekend. They both put in good performances today, against extremely strong opposition. Hitoyasu's crash in the second race was a good illustration of just how hard you have to push to stay on terms with the leading group of riders. Despite his condition, Chris is improving every time he gets on the bike. I don't think it's going to be too much longer before he's fighting with Hitoyasu to finish as the top four-cylinder rider.

Superbike Race One Result
1. Troy Bayliss, Australia (Ducati) 34'30.102
2. Colin Edwards, USA (Castrol Honda) 34'32.571
3. Ruben Xaus, Spain (Ducati) 34'40.162
4. Ben Bostrom, USA (Ducati) 34'51.234
5. Neil Hodgson, GB (Ducati) 34'51.320
6. Hitoyasu Izutsu, Japan (Fuchs Kawasaki) 35'08.025
7. Gregorio Lavilla, Spain (Suzuki) 35'08.111
8. James Toseland, GB (Ducati) 35'11.240
9. Chris Walker, GB (Fuchs Kawasaki) 35'20.981
10. Lucio Pedercini, Italy (Ducati) 35'31.648

Superbike Race Two Result
1. Troy Bayliss, Australia (Ducati) 34'35.633
2. Colin Edwards, USA (Honda) 34'38.105
3. Ruben Xaus, Spain (Ducati) 34'45.315
4. Neil Hodgson, GB (Ducati) 34'54.546
5. Ben Bostrom, USA (Ducati) 34'54.577
6. Noriyuki Haga, Japan (Aprilia) 34'55.206
7. James Toseland, GB (Ducati) 35'08.589
8. Gregorio Lavilla, Spain (Suzuki) 35'08.634
9. Chris Walker, GB (Fuchs Kawasaki) 35'08.718
10. Juan Borja, Spain (Ducati) 35'37.515

World Superbike Championship Points
1. Troy Bayliss 100
2. Colin Edwards 69
3. Ben Bostrom 53
4. Noriyuki Haga 50
5. Neil Hodgson 45
6. Ruben Xaus 43
7. Hitoyasu Izutsu 29
8. Chris Walker 29
9. James Toseland 27
10. Gregorio Lavilla 25

Next round: April 7, Kyalami, South Africa

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