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Yeah Baby!!!

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Watched the Daytona 200 yesterday. Thought Bostrom could have gotten better than 5th, but it seemed to me he was riding just a bit on the conservative side, making sure he was going to leave with points. And to that end, 5th ain't bad, congratulations Eric!

In other news, did you guys witness the f*cking bomb Honda landed in Florida this year??? The RC-51's were untouchable on Sunday, posting 200+ mph runs on the back straight away.... 200 MPH ON A TWIN!!!!! That's just crazy, Daytona used to never be good to twins, but it was the I4's that were looking rather peakish out there yesterday. Congratulations to Honda, and whatever they're feeding their Engineer's, whatever it is, it's working.

I can't believe the scarce presents of Ducati either, they used to crowd the grid, but I could barely see one in sight all day yesterday. It was all RC-51's, and GSX-R's out there, save for one Kawasaki, and a Yamaha or two.

Great to have the racing season underway. And great to see Speedvision is still covering motorcycle races, dispite the rumours going around on this post earlier in the year.

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considering the track and how Bostrom placed, I think it just shows that he is an incredible pilot. I'm sure he'll be kissing plenty of trophy girls this season.

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This was on the Ama website
Reliable sources say that Eric Bostrom cooked the clutch on his Kawasaki Superbike during his last pit stop.

Bostrom was able to bring the machine home in fifth place with the badly slipping clutch.
Did anybody else see Bostrom's exhaust? His headers went from four to two into the can. Never seen that before, looked cool. This is the only picture I can find
Any pics of his exhaust anywhere. Bostrom was probably just sizing up the competition for the upcoming season. He will be up on top before we know it.

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That's how it is on Yanagawa's ZX7 also.

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The 1000cc twin/750cc 4 formula is just that. a formula, and its not a fair formula either. oh btw did you notice how many Honda's were racing(3?)ducati's(1)kawasaki's(1)yamaha's(1) and i said racing (vs placing)the formula needs to be revised (don't whine its displacement)if you really want to see whining ck out other manufacturers vs the rotary in the displacement debacle. Yes Haga-san comprete a game on. It was sad last year up until Phillip Island to not even hear his name. I wish Kawasaki had the dough or nuts or whatever he wanted.

How can you tell he's a King?,cause e asn't got [censored] all over im loik the rest of us!
One more thing(sorry)Eboz had that exhaust at brainerd i think, and Kawasaki should have paid Al Luddington a million bucks to keep him. really they should have.

How can you tell he's a King?,cause e asn't got [censored] all over im loik the rest of us!
I'm sure Bostrom will be on plenty of podiums this year

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Bostrom is "THE MAN"

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