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Team Yamaha Belgarda news/2002
Supersport world Championship - Round 3, Preview
Kyalami circuit, South Africa - April 7th

The third round of the championship takes place at Kyalami circuit South
Africa and Team Yamaha Belgarda know no result can be as bad as the one
they suffered at Phillip island. The inexplicable double disaster in
Australia was one of the worst days in the team¹s history, but it has made
the team even more focussed on the task ahead. Fortunately neither Jamie
Whitham nor Paolo Casoli were injured, and both were unable to work out the
reasons for their unexpected crashes.

Kyalami is a demanding circuit that features many changes of elevation in
its 4.263 kilometre layout and is liked by both Yamaha Belgarda riders Jamie
Whitham and Paolo Casoli. The Supersport world Championship didn¹t visit
Kyalami last season, so all teams will be starting afresh with their bike
set-ups. Team Yamaha Belgarda are now in their second year with Whitham and
Casoli and the work carried out over winter has made a good bike even
better. Both riders have a good understanding of the base set-ups of their
R6 Yamahas, so the signs are good for the first qualifying sessions.

Jamie Whitham
I like South Africa and I¹m looking forward to racing at Kyalami. It¹s quite
a hard track and it¹s going to be a tough race - but then all Supersport
races are! I still don¹t know what went wrong at Phillip Island, but I¹ve
got to forget about it and concentrate on Kyalami and getting a good
result. I certainly cannot afford any more disasters. I¹m very happy with
the bike, team and tyres and I¹ve been feeling pretty comfortable on the
bike recently, so I hope to carry that on - all the way to the podium.

Paolo Casoli
I just want to forget about Phillip Island and look forward positively to
South Africa. I need a good result. The team need a good result and there¹s
no reason why we cannot get one at Kyalami. We were very strong at Phillip
Island before we crashed out, so we have to take her good points and build
on them. Jamie and I can win at Phillip Island and that¹s what we will both
be after for sure.

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