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hey guys, first time posting. i have a yamaha R1 1998 that i bought from an auction. it was laid down and needed fairing. im just getting it running, and it runs great, really great. however. i did replace the clutch cover. found it has a barrnet clutch with a heavy street use setup. when i pull the clutch lever it does not disengage the clutch. its not the cable. it does rotate the clutch lever arm on the bottom of the cover, and pulls the clutch actuator inside the cover. it has been sitting for a while i think. could it be that it just needs "breaking" loose. i have not driven it yet (due to needing new clipon). i can rotate the clutch lever on the bottom of the cover all the way, and it still does not release the gear. ideas would be very helpfull. thanks guys.
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I do not know if the R1 has a push or pull set uop.

if its a pull the actuator is pulling the inner hub away from the basket, you put the cover back on wrong.

if its a push set up its not pushing the hub in away from the basket.

either way you put the cover on wrong and the arm or rod is not doing its job
If you pull in the clutch and try to roll it forward, can you get it to break free? Try adjusting the play, maybe it isn't pulling it far enough to disengage it.
ive tried to roll it foreward and backward, to free it. i really dont think i put the cover on wrong. i will re-check tonight. could have i guess. thanks. :rolling: :rolling:
I have that clutch setup in mine.. It is a pain at first to line up the gear inside the cover just right. When it is,the little mark on the lever will line up with the arrow on the cover,if it doesn't,its not installed right. Also,thickness of the plates come in to play,if its worn,it will not adjust up right either. I switched clutches in bikes,and even a good clutch in a different bike was hard to adjust. Just my .02
:wink: ok, ok. i took a second look. as i looked at the clutch engagement arm, it sits loose inside the clutch bearing. this is the arm inside the cover. it moves about 1/2" back and forth (side to side). i thought this was the clutch engaging, and disengaging. "not"... this was just play behind the clutch bearing. once i figured out that that i wasnt really pulling the clutch away from the basket, i reassembled everything. and i have one thing to say about the "Barrnett" hard street use setup:
"its going to be hard on the clutch hand".
man is it hard to pull the clutch perch. its tight. i may have to get the full street springs to replace the race ones. why is the race setup so hard to pull the clutch lever? thanks guys. ill get pics soon of the setup, and post. :grin:
2upFZ1 you hit the nail on the head.
try getting a new cable, old cables are a bitch to pull

cool, glad it worked out.

the springs are harder to prevent slippage
Barnett sells the street sprins. It is a softer pull with them in. I run a mixture with mine,4 race, 2 street. It seems like the best of both worlds. Anything other than stock,you will notice on long rides !
how hard are the springs to change? mine are set up 3 race, 3 street. its really hard to clutch.
The springs are easy to change.. you just unscrew the 5mm bolt in the center of the spring. I would say you want all 6 in gold,thats the street setup. Call Barnett,they can hook you up.
Cool Firehazard. Glad to see that it was like we all thought.....

Interesting problem.
I'm curious as to how you verified that the actuator is really being pulled on?
Incidentally,sometimes people do not work the armage there when putting the cover on, and then things don't fit together correctly. (not saying you did that, just a note to be careful)

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I also bought one can anyone tell me what the name of the. Part on the inside the actuator grabs on too The part with the slits. That’s the actuator holds on too please and thank you just bought 98 R1 same thing. I haven’t taken cover off yet but rely feels like the aviators has nothing to grab too. Thank you guys taken part first thing tomorrow

my cables new But need to check internal Dosent matter soon as it in gear it’s moves clutch in or out no matter what ,
I see people replacing the internals like the inner and outer rings in there but , what about the flywheel and all that other stuff it not needed. I’ll find out tomorrow but figured I’d ask thanks guys again
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