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Team Yamaha Belgarda news
World Supersport Championship, Round 1, Valencia, Spain
Friday 8th March
Weather: Dry, mostly sunny 21 Deg C

Italian Paolo Casoli posted the day's eighth fastest man and left the
circuit a happy rider. When he rode at Valencia just two weeks ago, he was
still in pain due to his injured finger and didn't push hard. But now the
finger is not causing any discomfort and so Casoli was able to ride without
any nagging worries. Considering Valencia is his most unfavourite track,
eighth quickest today was enough to bring a smile to his face.
Casoli's team mate Jamie Whitham was forced to sit out the morning untimed
session after arriving too late for the technical briefing yesterday
afternoon. His connecting flight from England touched down just late enough
to make him miss the briefing. The team informed the organisers that
Whitham would not be present for the briefing beforehand and then there was
a bit of a misunderstanding which led to Whitham not being allowed out for
the first session. If the team had not tested at Valencia recently, this
might have been a bit of a problem, but the bike's setting was fresh in the
team's minds and they didn't feel too disadvantaged.

Paolo Casoli ­ 8th, 1:39.446
"I'm happy because I have almost no pain from my finger and I was able to
put in some laps that are OK.This is the first time I've ever been happy at
Valencia and now I'm looking forward to tomorrow's practice and getting
further up the grid. I wasn't looking forward to this race before, but
now, it doesn't seem so bad. Maybe one day I'll get to actually enjoy
riding here as well!"

Jamie Whitham ­ 10th, 1:39.608
The bike was perfect this morning ­ but that's probably because I never got
to swing my leg over it! I'm not too fussed really, but I guess I would've
been pretty angry if we hadn't tested here so recently. This afternoon I
took it nice and steady and cruised around, though I did feel that grip
level was not as good as two weeks ago. We started off with my bike set up
more or less how we finish the tests two weeks ago.
That was set up more to Paolo's taste then mine, but it seemed work OK for
me, so that's why we started like that. I am pretty happy with it and we'll
carry on the fine-tuning tomorrow. Tyres will be a factor here, so we're
going to spend quite a lot of time tomorrow trying a few tyres. Valencia is
always a problem for tyres, so if I can some that'll last the race and give
good grip, I'll be chuffed."

Maio Meregalli ­ Team Manager
"It was a bit disappointing with Jamie not being allowed to ride this
morning, but It didn't really give us too much of a set-back. Just a
misunderstanding really ­ nothing else. But I am surprised at how well
Paolo went and surprised because he is happy! He has never liked this track
before. His injury was causing him a lot of pain in the tests, so maybe he
knew he couldn't make a good result and relaxed and just rode. Now that the
finger is much better and he has stayed relaxed, he was able to make some
good lap times. Who knows what'll happen on raceday, but we feel very
positive and are hoping for a good result."

Friday qualifying
1 Foret (F-Honda) 1:38.156, 2 Corradi (I-Yamaha) 1:38.730, 3 Chambon
(F-Suzuki Alstare Corona Extra) 1:38.920, 4 Cruciani (I-Yamaha) 1:39.085, 5
Kellner (D-Yamaha) 1:39.245, 6 Teuchert (D-Yamaha) 1:39.275, 7 Vermeulen
(AUS-Honda) 1:39.284, 8 Casoli (I-Yamaha Belgarda) 1:39.446, 9 Daemen
(B-Honda) 1:39.585, 10 Whitham (GB-Yamaha Belgarda) 1:39.608,

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