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I have a question for you ladies. Why do you have womens only track days and track schools. I used to think it was a hangin with the sisters thing. You know girl power and all that stuff. But a few weeks ago I noticed a couple of post on here that seemed to imply that women are intimidated at the track when men are there. I was just wondering do guys at the track really make you feel un-welcome or sexually harrass you or something. I don't go to the track much but when I am there I don't really pay attention to who else is there. I kinda mind my own buisness and concentrate on my riding and setup. I can't speek for most guys but are you sure this feeling of intimidation is real or do you just assume it's there. I only ask because I had a friend that wouldn't go to the track because she said that guys at the track are a$$holes. Since she has never been to a track I am assuming people have told her that women are treated poorly at the track. As far as men being a$$holes at the track I got news for you laidies WE ARE A$$HOLES EVERYWHERE SO WHY LET THAT STOP YOU FROM GOING TO THE TRACK? I mean guys at the grocery store are a$$holes does that mean your going to have a womens only shopping day for groceries or just starve to death. I mean hell you put up with us at work and some of you even date us so why let us stop you from going to the track?
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