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No, I think it's the other way around! We have 5 Gixxer1000, we like the bikes and the 4 riders in the group, but 1 and a fair amount of the new 1k gixxer riders are dickheads! Again, I am just saying some! I dont remember the R-1 riders being that way when they came out. Whatever brand or type of bike you ride, being heckled by other riders is just part of taking pride in what you ride! But some of you guys start scratching and hissing like a friggin cat! It is not meant to be personal, it's just light hearted bantering. Come on, I ride a Triumph, how much fun do you think the guys have with me? I mean what the heck do the Brits know about building bikes, I thought they just built bridges and clocks! Besides, no one is the fastest all the time. We have enough 600's that stomp on us when were loafing along in 5th and they come out of nowhere and engage in a roll on when they are wound up to 12,000 rpms and have 10+ bikes lengths on you before you know what happened, so does that mean they kicked your arse? No, they just got the jump on you and had fun doing it! It's not about who has the best bike, they all have strengths and weaknesses so arguing that one is superior is a waste of time. If we all rode gixxers or the same bike, it would be pretty boring! So lighten up guys and more people will wander and stay in your forum, leave out the personal attacks, anyone can be a tough guy through a computer, if that is all your here for than get some therapy! What is this the Hatfields and Macoys?? Who cares what you ride and long as you ride! Enough said!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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