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today i installed a 42 tooth sprocket on my 6r. i've heard stories of how easy it is to do the front but i can say that this was a cake job. the whole thing took probably just under an hour. i was kind of sweating about the stock chain not fitting because i've heard stories saying that it would fit and stories saying that it wouldn't. well, it fit like a glove with chain to spare. i only have 1700 miles on the bike but i guess all the wheelie practicing has helped to stretch the chain some.

THE TEST: unfortunately i didn't get to give it the full test. it's kinda cold here today so i only went out for a short 5 minute ride. way to short to heat up the tires. i did goose the gas a few times in second and i'm pretty sure she'll come up in second without the clutch now. (some tugging required). 2nd gear clutch wheelies should be a breeze. one way i did notice the change was in 3rd and 4th gear roll-ons. the bike definately pulls harder now and i really don't feel like its winding out much faster then before. i'd recomend this to anyone looking for a little more tourque. for under 50 bucks you can't go wrong.

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