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Yes, a NYPD Detective has been put on modified duty for possible involvement in the "Queens Motorcycle Theft Ring". The Detective indicates that he is only riding buddies! Everyone knows that riding buddies are closer then most men are to there love one's! I Hope that he loses his job if so, I can stand a dirty cop! This operation was so large, that even when the news and newspapers were reporting the incident. The motorcycle (2) thieves were still stealing motorcycles in the middle of the night and were still looking to fence the stolen motorcycles. To bad they delivered the stolen 2004 CBR 1000 to the New York City Poilce that were at the location. Hey, they were paid with a pair of handcuffs and a ticket to jail! Here is the most recent names of subjects facing charges for stealing from New Yorker's!

01. Eric Kohler (32) address not provided (New York City Firefigher)
02. Christos Demetroules, (34) 35-17 168st, Flushing, N.Y
03. Allessandro DelGiornio, (30)41-27 171st, Flushing, N.Y
04. Michael Kontos (35) 12-15 121st, College Point, N.Y
05. Robert Fili (32) 29-15 170th st Flushing, N.Y
06. Josue Caratini (29) of 48-32 37st, Long Island
07. Andre Ahgob (28) currently incarcerated inmate on Rikers Island
08. Adam Alvaerez (33) 196 Kingsland Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y
09. Gerard Beauchamp (31) 260 Withers Street,Brooklyn, N.Y
10. Phillip Serrano (30) 51 Hendrickson Avenue, Elmont, N.Y
11. Eric Nieves (31) 44 Newll Street, Brooklyn, N.Y
12. Jaime Denton (30) 26 Pond Hill Road, Great Neck, N.Y
13. Freddy Feliciano (33) 54-16 73rd Place, Maspeth
14. Angel Badillo (32) 54-16 73rd Place, Maspeth
15. Paris Gonzalez (34) 20-58 Gates Avenue, Ridgewood

More to follow! Stay posted! This is the best news yet!

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