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I have a Silver 2000 Triumph Daytona with after market turn signals. I tried to replace one that does not work and now none of the turn signals work. I checked the fuse and it is ok. I also looked at the wires and they appear to be ok. I used a Volt meter to check the wires and the one is low on amps than the others and not sure if that is the problem. When I push the turn signal, I hear a click at the relay switch but nothing happens. Is there another relay or switch that I am missing? Also, could it be the turn signal bulb in the panel? Or what? I have a hanes book for my bike and the electrical diagram is not the same. Is there another book that I need? Or does anyone have a copy of the diagram that they can email? Thanks for your help!

This may sound over obvious and I apologize if it does but have you verified the bulbs either w/ another 12V source or with a ohm meter / continuity tester?
Are you getting +12V at both of the turn signal bulbs (between hot and ground/frame) when the turn signal is activated?

Thermal flashers depend upon a proper current load coming from the bulb to make a contact in the flasher heat up and in turn, turn the bulb off momentarily. If the bulb wattage is too high, the flasher will usually cycle on/off very quickly. If the bulb wattage is too low, the flashing may occur slowly or not at all. It is possible that the flasher may be bad too but the meter should reveal this if you are not getting voltage at the bulb end.

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