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Trivia question

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I am a set of rims off of a honda sportbike. Can you tell me who my holder is(by year and model)?I of course have two parts. The front half of me across my axle measures 5 inches and I am a size 17. The back half of me across my axle measures 5 1/2 inches and I am a size 17 also. We seperately have 6 thin spokes that hold us together and our original color is smoke grey. Can you tell me who my holder is? Answer given in a few days. Just having fun.
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I'm guessing an F2

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Full-Force seen you around the fireblades forum. Looks like they have been giving you grief about the serpent. I say screw em. I think the microns look like better quality and I don't want a pipe as quiet as my stock one so I'm not getting a hindle even if they claim the best gains. I'M A FREAKIN SQUID haha

I can kill a yak from 200 yards away....With MIND BULLETS!!!

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Oh shoot scratch my guess then. Didn't read closley enough

I can kill a yak from 200 yards away....With MIND BULLETS!!!
notice i rarely fire back at them cmacfar ... i just stay nice guy .. to each his own, but i do detect some jealousy by some of them cuz my bike is making over 142 hp ... hey, im proud of that ... if your bike dynoed at what your optimistic guess was then you would grin from ear to ear wouldnt you? :)
I would not let them bother me either. To each his own, right? Who cares what anybody thinks. You are excepted here Full-Force./images/icons/wink.gif
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Definately excepted (accepted) /images/icons/wink.gif


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To answer the trivia question, it sounds very much like Hawk GT wheels measured across the hub. Grey, 6 spokes (3 pairs)...though some would not call that bike a sportbike. It is not US market F2/F3's, their wheels were black, red or white. Can't think what else it might be, as most newer Honda sportbikes have 3 spokes/rim. Hmm...

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I duno a pic would help..

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I am guessing F2...just trying to think of which year had grey ones.

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'98 Smokin Joe F3 - Miguel Duhamel rocks!
The true question is are we talking European or American paint truly will make a difference.

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I am thinking '93 CBR 600 F2.
The grey and red color scheme.

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The 93 US-market F2 had black wheels. I'm sitting looking through the color-code charts trying to figure out WTF wheels he's talking about here /images/icons/crazy.gif

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