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This goes out to all the Michigan riders. There will be a track day at Grattan Raceway Park on Thursday, May 2 for anyone interested.

Here are all the specifics:

* Cost is $100 per rider based on 20 riders. We currently have 19 riders, so we need a couple more. We can have a max of 30 for the day.
* On track time is from 9am to 5pm
* Private party rental, so bike modifications and safety gear are a minimum.
* There are riders with different levels, so we will break up into three groups in 20 minute sessions.

I do have a detailed sheet describing all requirements and payment instructions that I will e-mail out to all interested parties.

For all those concerned about rain, we have an agreement with Grattan that if it does rain, we do not lose our rental, we just reschedule the date.

If anyone is interested, drop me an e-mail at [email protected] and I will e-mail you the long version of the instructions.

For all those who have not been there, Grattan is a 10-turn, 2 mile road course with every imaginable turn along with a 3200 foot front straight. It is one of the most demanding road courses in the United States.

I hope to hear from a few members here who are interested.

99 YZF R6
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