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St. Patrick\'s Day Spring Opening Ride - 3/19/2005

4th Annual St. Patrick's Day Spring Opening Ride - March 19, 2005 - Allison, AR

Riding Arkansas Gap & Arkansas Grand Canyon, an unbelievable Ozark Mt. twisties thrill!

AR Gap Riders (Arkansas Sport Bike Riders) & AR HSTA (Sport Touring riders) members are hosting a Fund Raiser for the Big Flat VOLUNTEER Fire Dept.

This event is done as a fund raiser to help cover the extra costs that this local little volunteer fire dept. has aquired due to the increased volume of sport bike accidents this last year. These firemen are the 1st responders & EMT's to respond to any 911 call on the AR Gap. THEY ARE VOLUNTEERS!!!! :bow: They have even used their private trailers to pick up the bikes, take them back to their barn/shed & store the bikes for (days, weeks, months), until the rider can come back & get his/her bike. :Wow1: This is a way for us sport bikers to help repay these firemen for costs that our "sport" is directly responsible for creating. :rolling: Good PR with the local resque team can be benificial. You or I may need their help one day. :wink:

Location: Crossroads Cafe, Allison, AR, located in the Angler's White River Resort
800-794-2226 Motel & Restaurant Accomodations
Map to the location: (Hook's is across the rd.)
Alternative Motel & Restaurant Jack's Resort 870-585-2211

March 19th events will include:

1. A weiner roast at the AR Gap south parking lot 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. :tongue:
2. Air Evac demo/display with the rescue helecopter 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. :help:
3. Alternative lunch at Crossroads Cafe & also the "Blessing of the Bikes" (11-1)
4. A St. Patrick's Day Poker run designed also for sport bikers. (NO BARS). On a different ride route, there is also a "normal" St. Patrick's Day poker run hosted by some of the AR Gap Cruiser Riders. 1st rider out 10 a.m. Prize award (TBA 2-4 p.m.)
5. Alternative lunch at the Cliffhouse restaurant overlooking the AR Grand Canyon. (11-1)
6. 350 + - ride route including the AR Gap & the AR Grand Canyon (169 turns in 25 miles or 149 turns in 20 miles, 10 mph switch backs... you choose) /wwwthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif

The St. Patrick's Day Spring Opening Ride is kinda like the Slimy Crud Run :809028-ridin: held in WI every year. Only no farms, so not so "slimy" & not cold. It's been around 65 degrees the last 3 yrs. with 50-85 riders attending... & growing every year.

There is an entire weekend of sport bikers riding the Ozark Mts. & twisties & having fun from March 16-20th. Riders from a 5 state area usually participate every yr. :applause: Trailering to AR from "up north" is normal. :waytogo: LOTS of trailer space available.

Location: Horseshoe Bend, AR at the Crown Point Resort
Contact person for reservations: Kathy's email is: [email protected]

You can order your AR Gap T-shirt now for $20. Along with the T-shirt you will recieve a FREE Arkansas map with marked routes, lunch spots & meeting places. I will be more than happy to recommend the twisties route to arrive by, or the fastest route to trailer into the event. I can "hook you up" with riders trailering in from other states (possibly share a trailer spot with), or riding in & give you meeting places to "hook up" with them. Feel free to contact me.

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