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Sorta off-topic: Superbike DVD\'s

Just thought I'd share a little info with you guys...

About a month ago I was on a mission to find superbike DVD's, anywhere. I went to and did a search for "superbike" and found jack shyt. After some internet searching I've decided there's nothing available for the U.S. worth looking at, unless you're into watching the Starboyz do wheelies for two hours straight (screw that).

I then went to and, HELLOOO... found a lot of cool DVD's like:
Suzi Perry's Superbike weekend
World Superbike Championship Review 2001 /images/icons/cool.gif
British Superbike Review
The list goes on...

The problem is Region 2 encoding (Europe, Middle East & Japan only). They won't play in DVD players in the U.S.
The good news is my $99 Apex AD-3201 has both a region-hack (will now play ANY DVD) and Macrovision hack (enables recording to VHS).

Hacks for DVD players can be found at
There are 400 DVD players on this list with known hacks, so your player may already be on the list.

So, I'm about $100 into and so far my favorite DVD is the Isle of Man TT 2000.

World Superbike Championship Review 2001 should be in the mail today. /images/icons/laugh.gif

Here's a DVD that might be worth owning... Hmm....


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Re: Sorta off-topic: Superbike DVD\'s

Wow, I think you just saved my 50+ DVD collection, thanks for the info, I will check out the hacks

Take care,

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