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Sooooo close

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Got my frame sandblasted, just need to paint it, get the forks rebuilt, reassemble everything...


When I am done I will have a '97 9R with -1 T front sprocket, muzzy slip-on, Factory Ti jet kit, blacked out frame (and swingarm and rims), and custom paint (yellow metallic), shodded with new BT 010s, and, damn fine weather to ride it in. I should have it all done in two weeks...

Ohhh the anticipation... Tell me it is worth the wait /images/icons/smile.gif

BTW - This is a post wreck rebuild, not just for the hell of it.

QUESTION - Has anyone used lowering links on a 94-97 9R? How did it work out?

I am experimentally verifying the Theory of Relativity.
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Cool man, should look sweet. Be sure to post pics when it's finished.

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