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We sucessfully updated the main program here at the eSportbike Forums. Some of the changes included:
- Update to software version
- Updated Database
- Updated photo gallery software
- All pending name changes were completed
- Added some new post Gremlins
- New intergrated Calendar... The last one was a addon, so the new one did not carry the history... luckily there wasn't much entered.
- New Birthday handling. The old one was an addon, and the new uses a different handler. Please re-enter your birthday in your Profile.

Some new Features:
- Faster forums
- Easier admin for me :coolgleamA:
- Added Reply To names on Quoted replies
- Corrected Profile Display for Bike info
- Added links to Users photo gallery to Poster ID - Next to every posts

There is still a bunch more coming, but the database conversion took longer than we expected do to its size.

We did reduce the amount of PMs a user can have saved. Currently it is 500 PMs, and believe it or not... there were several members that are exceeding that limit. Please check your PMs and delete all that are not required. In a day or so, we will add back the ability to Email your PM to your email on account.

There is also a link to in your MyHome (bottom of Main Configuration) to My Cookies, which can expire (clean) them and a Mark All link, which will give you a fresh start to new posts on all forums.

Take a minute and go through your options in the MyHome area. You can make this a better community by completeing your profiles. Remember all FREE contest require a minimum of first name and birthday.

<font color="blue">Highly Reccomended -
Clean Your cookies
Check your Profile and Enter your Birthday</font>

Let me know how its working for you!

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