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screw \'em 1x, shame on you. screw him 2x ? SAME !

roberts says, "you either help me or you can friggin' BLOW ME"...!!! copy/paste from mcn...

Roberts: Help me win or I’m off

Suzuki given ‘get it right’ ultimatum over GSV four-stroke

22 Mar 2002
By Matthew Birt

Kenny Roberts will quit Suzuki if its new GSV-R four-stroke is not competitive this season.

He told MCN: "If I have to get on a more competitive bike in 2003, that is what I’ll do. I want to be back winning races and challenging for titles and you can only do that if you are riding a competitive bike. I will have to look at whatever options are available."

The 28-year-old added: "It is too early in our development to know when we will be competitive. But I have faith in Suzuki to get it right. At the end of the day, everybody agreed to the rule changes for the new four-stroke series so it is up to Suzuki to build a competitive bike on which I can win races."

The 2000 world champion is desperate to get himself back at the front of the field after his title defence turned into a nightmare.

The bike Roberts rode at the recent Catalunya test had already improved by around 4mph on top speed, and engineers have promised a similar rise for the race and the next test at the Japanese circuit in just over a week.

Roberts added: "I also want it to corner faster and accelerate better, but I’m pretty happy with the throttle connection at the moment."

Roberts has had problems with stability under braking and added: "I struggle at the entry to a corner. The bike just doesn’t seem settled.

"But it is so early in the project that we are still finding out some fundamental problems. It is difficult for me to predict when I might be competitive and challenging the Honda at the front.

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Re: screw \'em 1x, shame on you. screw him 2x ? SAME !

I say put him in wsbk on carls team. His dad must be lowering his head in shame, both Kurtis and Krj need to grow up, shut up and suck it up like professionals when things are not going as well as they would like them.

Craig #222WSMC

its all in the transitions
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