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hey i posted this up in the general section but seem like it would be better suited here. would appreciate any imput.

hey yall i'm going on a bit of a road trip in the middle of next
month. my father putting my two brothers and myself in the rv and
dragging us all over the united states for two weeks, but i, being the
great purswader, talked him into hooking one of our small trailers to
the back and we're going to take a couple of bikes. my buell and
whatever my dad decides to ride will be goin in there. we're supposed
to head out and see yellow stone and glacier national park and a few
other places out in the rockies and that area. my question is does
anyone know of any great roads out there for riding, i know there has
to be some sweet mountain passes and all that but i want to know if
there are any like legendary roads ( kinda like the ar gap or the
deal's gap) out there that are worth taking a bit of a detour just
to get to ride.

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If you make it as far south as Colorado I can give you plenty of good rides. I have only been up in the Glacier to Yellowstone area once and Mother Nature chased me off the mountain with a freak snowstorm so no advice there. The only 'legendary' road I can think of would be Lolo pass, start in Missoula MT and go west "winding road next 77 miles". A good person to talk to would be Limenine, he lives up there and even has that winding road sign in his avatar.
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