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I installed my Renegade airbox kit on my 01 Mille over the weekend and got a chance to ride it today. It was 60 here in Chicago!

Anyway, there was a noticable difference in the midrange torque that wasn't there before. There is no doubt, this was a noticeable improvement over the stock box. I have only 870 miles on my bike and haven't really had a chance to get the rev's up to redline at all. I'm still breaking it in.

The kit was fairly simple to install. I did have to do some trimming on the carbon fibre plate to make it fit right. Other than that it was straight forward.

I did have one issue with a hose on the right side of the box. This hose apparently connects all the way back to a can underneath the rear seat cowl next to the tool kit. I was told this can has charcoal in it and is for EPA standards. It's not necessary to have it, so I disconnected it.

Jorge from Renegade was made aware of this hose issue and actually called me today from the UK to see if I had the problem resolved. UNBELIEVABLE! It was a minor thing to me, but he made the effort to call and make sure I was happy with his product. That's customer service at it's finest. Follow up after the sale.

I would recommend the Airbox Replacement Kit and any products of Renegade to anyone.

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