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Rear Sprocket

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What rear sprocket manufacturer does anyone reccommend. Steel or Alloy? Seems there's a limited selection out there for my '04 749S. I'm sticking with my 525 chain and will go up two teeth. Does that sound right?
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AFAM hard anodized aluminum--lightweight and, properly maintained, last every bit as long as steel., but you'll have to call them for your '04 application. :waytogo:
I went up 2 teeth on my 748. Good move in my opinon. I bought a STM sprocket from motowheels, and I recommed it, they look fantastic, its like jewelry for you bike!!
I got an AFAM alloy 40 Tooth. Its 2 lbs lighter than stock. My wife got it for me from Evoluzione who were extremely helpful to her as she knows nothing about bikes. I can't wait for this rain to move away so I can try it out with my new Pilot Powers. :smile:
I was looking for an STM quick change before the end of last season but gave up due to the price hikes.
I can only immagine what they get for them now (being the dollar is so weak against the euro).
I put a 42 toothed aluminum Renthal on the rear of my 748 as part of a 520 conversion w/quick-change carier.

No problems and plenty of fun!

I think that stock was 38.
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