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I have all of the parts needed to put an R1 front end on a 99-02 R6 (but could also be used to fix a wrecked R1 or convert an 03-04 R6 or?) including

(The following are new in package)

2 # 99241-00100-00 Yamaha decals for fender
6 # 90480-12072-00 Grommets
1 # 4YR-26241-01-00 LH Grip
1 # 4YR-26240-01-00 RH Grip with throttle tube(converts 99-02 R6 to a quicker turn throttle)
4 # 90154-06061 SCREW
2 # 92907-06600 WASHER
2 # 97017-06030-00 BOLT
5 # AWP90387-065J6-00 COLLAR
1 #AWP4XV-21511--01-P1 Front fender blue
1 # 12-1423 Steering Stem bearing kit w/ seals (all balls racing)
4 blue Ohlins fork stickers small (these are for the pose factor as the 01 R1 fork legs supposedly had Ohlins springs in them)

(Used off of 2001 R1)

1 LH fork leg complete KYB kept inside not sunfaded
1 RH fork leg complete KYB kept inside not sunfaded
2 clip on handle bars with clamps and bar ends painted semi gloss black to match upper triple clamp
1 upper triple clamp
1 lower triple clamp w steering stem
1 R1 axle

(Used from 2000 R6)

1 lower triple clamp w steering stem (so you can swap steering stems before you take apart your R6)

Taking offers

[email protected]

P.S. I also have a swing arm and shock complete w/hardware from a 2000 R6 I would sell
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