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I have already seen a couple of threads where people want to know how to put images in a post, not just as an attachment. Here is how I do it, it is pretty easy. Someone 'speak' up if you know an easier way.

1. Write your post, attach the file.
2. Go back to the forum where your post is now shown. Open your post.
3. Click on the attachment.
4. Copy the address (for the image) from your browser address window.
5. Go back to your post (back button).
6. Choose edit for your post.
7. put (image)***paste address here***(/image) where you want the image, except use the square brackets [ instead of parentheses. Paste the address in between the brackets where I have shown. Viola!

It may sound tricky, but do it a couple of times and you will have it down.

Maybe this should be included in the FAQ? I know the image command is shown in there, but that may not be enough info for a esportbike newbie.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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