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Well in lite of the mountain board being empty I thought I would take the time to pose this question.

I am getting a nice shiney new Lower for my TLS and am going to want to repaint it ("it" being the whole bike) .

Now ... my uppers, while intact, have been dropped before (previous owner) so I don't feel that an expensive professional job is in order now because you can see the imperfections and patch work. (in the right light you can see them, there not so bad as to be immediatly noticed right off)

I would have attempted the painting myself as a nice learning experience (which I am all about) , however I had to move this month and went from a nice huge 4 car garage to a 1 car garage in an apartment complex garage unit type deal. Which means I can't in any way paint my own ride.

My real question is .... does anyone want to take on the job? Even if its your 1st try I don't care too much, Ill cover the paint costs and what ever we work out to be adequate compensation for a learning experience.

Or if anyone knows a semi-pro or whatever that can give me a good/great price then please let me know.

I won't even get the lower for a few weeks (its on its way from SouthAfrica) and even after that I have engine work to finish off before I bother with new paint (have a dam leak I have to fix, so don't want to ruin the new paint right off the bat) so I am not looking to get painted for at least another ~2 months? But I thougt a head start in making arangements would be good.

Once again, any help is much appreciated. i tend to be all questions here :)


Duh, forgot to mention I am in denver, although far reaching surrounding areas are not unthinkable (springs?)
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