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Oil Change Question

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I have never done an oil change on a bike before. Is there a site somewhere that has procedures? I just need to know where and how to get to the filter. Where teh drain/fill plug is... and if I need to buy anything other than a filter and oil. (Does the filter come with all necessary rings and/or washers?)

Thanks guys

O, the bike is a R6
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It is recommended to change the drain plug washer each time you retighten. They cost pennies so order a handfull.
The best info you can get is in the manual. It tells you where everything is. Other than that...theres not much to it.

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Wheres the cheapest place to buy OEM filters? And does the filters come with crush washers?

Thanks for the link btw!
Just go to your local yamaha dealer for the filter and the oil. Untill you know all of the avaliable options brands ect. stick with Yamaha brand oil and filters. DO NOT USE CAR OIL.
TygGer, where in NoVa do you live? I'm right in Gainsville and work in Tyson.

If you need oil I would recommend going to Fast Lane Cycles in Chantilly. Their number is 703-818-8890. Don't worry if you hear female voices. Their front counter has a couple of ladies working there. /images/icons/wink.gif Whatever you do don't go to Power Ride Motorsports (formerly Coleman's), they charge way to much for everything.

I would recomend going with Motul semi-synthetic oil (5100). It does wonders with Yamaha's gearbox! It makes it nice and smooth.

Drop me a line and let me know if you want to go riding sometime. I'd also be happy to show you how to change the oil on the bike if you want. I do all of the work on my baby, well, besides mounting tires. What kind of bike do you have? The picture in your profile doesn't work.

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Where is the best place to order this oil,I think i'm going to try it.

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Well Slick I don't know what area you're in, so I can't recomend a shop. Check your local dealer. You can also check their web site @

Hey Mo,

Im in Fairfax Station. Ive been to fast lanes once and just forgot about them. Thanks for reminding me! I will try the Motul, but what weight should I go with? The manual recommends 2 different options. I downloaded the R6 Tech manual and I think Ill be ok changing the oil. But I appreciate the offer. When it comes time to change the coolant, bleed the brakes, etc... I may need your help the first time around. :D
Thanks Mo!

And everyone else thanks for replying!
TygGer, just go to Fast Lanes and asked them for the semi-synthetic blend Motul oil. I can't rememeber if it's called 5100 or 3100, they'll know. It's right there on the left when you first walk in. It comes in a 1 gallon bottle. Trust me, you'll love this stuff. Oh, and it smells real good too! Seriously! You'll see.

Hey MOMO i just put that motul 5100 in very nice stuff.THANKS.But that oil change cost me $35.00 lol.hey nothing is to good for my baby.

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Slick, glad to hear you like it. It makes a nice difference on the gearbox.

So, did you think the stuff smelled good? Weird huh?!?! /images/icons/wink.gif

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