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I just got my eurobikes undertail delivered and am very excited to put it on but need some help ,for example :

1- The instructions are very limited and only show a very unclear picture. Supposedly I have to cut off the old fender in the middle under the seatbut by doing so i would also take off 2 mounting holes, one left and one right which may be needed to mount the new undertail. For now I left them because I was not sure and putting them back is impossible.

2- After cutting the rear underfender, how do I reinstall and mount the front left-over old fender since the rear used to hold the fender for a large part of it.

3- On the new undertail , the holes half way, where are the bolds or screws going into?

I am a very non tech guy but believe that I am capable enough to do it with the proper instructions.

Any suggestions , please?
Thanks in advance!

Flying Dutchman

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I have a '99 which I think is pretty much the same tail as your 2000. I installed this 2 years ago and have had no problems with it, however my memory is not perfect on the installation.

1- cut the stock fender off square just in front of the wall for the underseat storage area. One problem doing it this way will leave you no front wall for your underseat storage so small items cannot be carried.

2- from what i remember the taillight installed without too much problem but the electronic box that you must relocate needs to be cable tied to the left taillight mounting bracket.

3- the two screws you mention attach the stock tail piece to the eurotail you need to pull the two blind nuts out of the piece you cut off and use them

4- you don't need to replace the rear passenger peg mounting bolts with the ones supplied. Use the stock bolts and if your bike is like mine they potrude out the back of the subframe a little bit, just enough to hold the front of the eurotail where it supposed to be.

5- to get the rear of the eurotail to meet up with the stock tailpiece I had to lower the taillight about a 1/4" to force the eurotail down a bit to make everything line up.

6- If you are eliminating the turnsignals and using the taillight as turn signals there is a link, that I don't have but I'm sure someone else knows it that gives step by step instructions.

good luck,

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i just did my 6r last week but i'm not sure if the 9r stock plastic is the same. by chance, do you have a digital cam. if you do and post a pic of the plastic, i can outline everything that needs to be cut away.

what kind of cutting tools are you using?

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