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Mladin\'s elbow is still issue

For immediate release
Monday, 1 April 2002

Rounds 2 & 3, 2002 AMA Chevy Trucks US Superbike Championship
California Speedway, Fontana, California, USA
Event preview


Defending American AMA Superbike champion Mat Mladin continues to be
restricted by the elbow injury that he sustained at the Daytona 200 three
weeks ago, as he begins his belated championship defence at this weekend's
(April 6-7) double-header (rounds 2 & 3) of the 2002 AMA Chevy Trucks US
Superbike Championship at the new California Speedway in Fontana,

Mladin suffered extensive injuries to his left elbow after crashing from
his Blimpie Yoshimura Suzuki GSX-R750 during qualifying for the opening
round of the championship at Daytona. After the crash, Mladin was operated
on where surgeons removed floating bone fragments and cleaned the affected
area. Even though he did attempt to ride at Daytona, he was forced to
withdraw from the event due to the restricted movement and strength in his
left arm.

Mladin took part in a three-day test at Laguna Seca last week that
highlighted areas of concern with his elbow. In preparation for this
weekend's races he will continue with daily physiotherapy through to the

"I'm still having a lot of problems with the back part of the elbow and my
tricep muscle has essentially switched off and I can't flex it," said
Mladin. "After the operation at Daytona they (the doctors) told me that
everything looked OK but I guess when your elbow takes a bad enough pounding
to do some small fractures to the elbow and have what has happened it must
have done some other damage as well."

"I had a fair few problems with my elbow during the test at Laguna Seca,
so we'll have to wait and see how it goes when we get to Fontana," added
Mladin. "Essentially we've got a week off from the time we finished the
Laguna test to the time we have to ride at Fontana, so hopefully it will be
a lot better. At the moment it's probably worse than when we first went to
Laguna as it has swollen back up again and is still a bit of a mess."

"The best way to describe the injury is that you don't realise the
muscles you use until you don't have them. To be honest I never did think
that it was going to be such an issue. Daytona was a problem because I'd
just come out of surgery 24 hours or so before the race and it was just a
big ball and locked up. The pain at Daytona wasn't the issue, it was the
fact that I couldn't hang onto the handlebar and couldn't bend my elbow."

"In the crash at Daytona I didn't think the elbow was such a big deal as
I was more concerned about my right heel and I thought I'd broken my ankle.
The heel is still a problem and is a struggle to walk properly. It doesn't
bother me on the bike, but it has slowed down my training, where I'm trying
to do as much gym work with one arm as I can. Basically it wasn't a good
time of the year for all of this to happen."

In true Mladin character, he will not let the injury affect his
motivation to come away from this weekend's double-header with as many
points as possible. Having given Honda's Nicky Hayden a 38-point advantage
this early in the season won't rest easy with the three times champion who
will endeavour to overhaul the teenager in the remaining fifteen rounds in
an attempt to win an unprecedented fourth consecutive AMA Superbike crown.

Qualifying for this weekend's rounds will conclude on Saturday morning
with the Superbikes taking to the track on Saturday afternoon for the 28-lap
national, before returning for Sunday's third round 28-lap, 100km race.

The weekend's double-header round will be the first time that the AMA
Superbike Championship has ventured to the 3.70km (2.3 mile) 21-turn
Californian circuit.

2002 AMA Chevy Trucks U.S. Superbike Championship
(points after 1 of 16 rounds)
1. Nicky Hayden 38, 2. Jamie Hacking 32, 3. Anthony Gobert 29,
4. Aaron Yates 27, 5. Eric Bostrom 26, 6. Kurtis Roberts 25,
7. Andrew Deatherage 24, 8. Brian Livengood 23, 9. Rich Conicelli 22,
10. Ricky Orlando 21.

2002 AMA Chevy Trucks U.S. Superbike Championship - Calendar
Rd 1 March 10 Daytona 200, Daytona Beach, Florida
Rd 2 April 6 California Speedway, Fontana, California
Rd 3 April 7 California Speedway, Fontana, California
Rd 4 May 4 Sears Point Raceway, Sonoma, California
Rd 5 May 5 Sears Point Raceway, Sonoma, California
Rd 6 May 18 Road Atlanta, Braselton, Georgia
Rd 7 May 19 Road Atlanta, Braselton, Georgia
Rd 8 June 2 Pikes Peak Int'l Raceway, Fountain, Colorado
Rd 9 June 8 Road America, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
Rd 10 June 9 Road America, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
Rd 11 June 30 Brainerd Int'l Raceway, Brainerd, Minnesota
Rd 12 July 13 Laguna Seca Raceway, Monterey, California
Rd 13 July 27 Mid Ohio Sports Car Course, Lexington, Ohio
Rd 14 July 28 Mid Ohio Sports Car Course, Lexington, Ohio
Rd 15 Aug 10 Virginia Int'l Raceway, Alton, Virginia
Rd 16 Aug 11 Virginia Int'l Raceway, Alton, Virginia

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Re: Mladin\'s elbow is still issue

it'll be interesting to see if he can come back (yet again) after a loss of points to win the championship. ironically, he has the friggin' terrorists to thank for his win last year. man, everytime a good battle is about to ensue for us fans... something invariably happens to deny us the action...??? the 2nd place runner ends up winning due to "absence of competition"... AAARRRGGHH... :(

first case was criville when doohan left out with injuries. second case was edwards when fogarty went out. the third was the aformentioned trade ctr/pentagon attacks that cut the legs out from under team greean and my man EBOZ. and fourth was here again, in the AMA daytona 200 with hayden after mladin is out and duhamel DNF's. these "wins by attrition" are tearing... a true race fan like myself... APART...!!! LOL

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Re: Mladin\'s elbow is still issue

I was speaking to a Yosh insider on Friday and he laughed saying that yes Mladin did get seriously hurt, but he thinks that they were playing it up a little just to play down his ability for the weekend.

Jay #43
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