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Mladdin Crashed!

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Mladdin crashed in practice this morning for the 200 on Sunday. Let's all pray he is o.k. to race on Sunday....and GET HIS ASS KICKED by ort three Honda pilots on the front row!

Check out for more info.

Ride Red!!!!

When you see flashing lights...drop two and go!
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Yeah it wouldn't be much fun watching the race if there wasn't anyone's A$$ to kick around.../images/icons/laugh.gif

<font color=red>SilverF4/images/icons/cool.gif
<font color=blue>"Respect the Wrist!!!"
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I don't like to see mladin hurt...But I LOVE to see him Lose/images/icons/smile.gif

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what time is this race sunday? is it on speedvision?
Here's my forecast:

1st = Kurtis Roberts
2nd = Nicky Hayden
3rd = Eric Bostrom
4th = Anthony Gobert
5th = Mat Mladin

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Forget that. I just saw this:

From Speed Channel -

Daytona Injury Report

By: SPEED Staff

Daytona Beach, Fla., March 8

Yoshimura Suzuki's Mat Mladin will not take part in Sunday's Daytona 200 after undergoing surgery today at Halifax Medical Center to repair a compound fracture of his left elbow. Mladin suffered the injury in the Friday morning Superbike practice session when he crashed his Blimpie Suzuki in the International Horseshoe.

AMA 250cc Grand Prix Champion Rich Oliver has also been admitted to Halifax after suffering a broken pelvis and a broken left ring finger in a 250 GP practice crash this morning.

Finally, Aaron Gobert was admitted to Halifax Medical Center with a chest injury, a right leg fracture and a closed head injury after the four rider incident on lap seven of the Supersport race. Meanwhile his brother, Anthony, was being treated for an open neck wound that may possibly be an open clavicle injury. Both were injured on lap seven of the Pro Honda Oils Supersport event in a four rider incident exiting the chicane. The other riders involved, Tommy Hayden and Santiago Villa, escaped with minor injuries.


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Talk about a bad weekend for racing.

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