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I am planning to buy a mille but I am unsure to which one to buy, a standard mille or a mille R. I want to know what's the difference between the two. From what I can see, the wheels, Ohlins suspensions, single seater, and various carbon pieces are the visible differences.

Here are some questions:
Is the brakes or engine different between the two models?
Is the mille R engine setup differently than the standard mille?
Has anyone modified a mille R to accomodate a passenger? I have seen on the Aprilia website that shows the mille and the mille R to have a different tail frame (see attach image).
Will the cost of modifying the mille R to accomodate a passenger be more than buying a standard mille and upgrading it to a mille R (wheels, Ohlins suspension, etc.)?

Thanks for any info provided.


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The wheels and suspension on the R is much more expensive to add to a standard RSV than doing conversion of sub frames.

Taken from

Complete Ohlins Fork Conversions:
Complete with triple clamps and all installation hardware.
Part Number: 8795020
Price: $2,121.78

O.Z. Forged Aluminum Wheels:
Fit: 1999-2002 Aprilia RSV Mille, Mille R, and the SL Falco 2001-2002.

Available in: Blue or Gold.
Part Number: 8796196
Price: $699

Part Number: 8796197
Price: $849

Price taken from
Ohlins Rear Shock
RSV1000 Mille 99-00 46PRCLS AP840 $800.00

Standard Subframe conversion can't be more than $800
(my guess)...

00.5' RSV


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From a "have my cake and eat it too" you'd be best off doing the rear subframe on an R...

The difference in the suspension components is HUUUUUUUUUUGE!!!

Scott /images/icons/smile.gif

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