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Mille owners, couple questions

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What are the service intervals? Do they use a dry clutch system?
How easy is it to get replacment parts (from dealers)? Are they air or liquid cooled?
Any known related problems in recent year models?
(and) lastly, Any good Mille sites to get info from?
Thanks in advance.

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1. 600...4,000...9,000 miles
2. Wet clutch with a vaccum slipper system
3. Never needed any replacement parts, and haven't heard of others having any probs.
4. Liquid cools the engine, but air cools the liquid in the radiator so technically its both?.
5. Earlier models had a problematic sidestand switch, its a 5 minute fix and covered under warranty
6. check out the forums there and the links.

You are quite welcome.

Take care,

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What redtwin said! ;-)

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How easy is it to get replacment parts (from dealers)?


I've had mixed results from my 2 locan dealers: 1 is a total @$$hole - doesn't place orders in a timely manner, doesn't call when the parts come in, and blames Aprilia when it's been weeks without any results.

The other guy has only has 1 order out for longer than a week, and he called to tell me the day after I placed the order to say why.

Guess who gets my money?

Scott /images/icons/smile.gif

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Thanks guys, lots of help. Next question, What's a vaccum slipper system?
(explain or post a link explaining)
Thanks again!

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A slipper clutch is basically a one way clutch. It grips or holds when you are accelerating and slips when you roll off the throttle so the engine braking doesn't cause the rear wheel to lock-up. Twins and I guess singles are more prone to rear wheel lock up when you roll off the throttle in lower gears or downshift to a lower gear. Your R1 does it too but it is not as dramatic as a twin. Aprilia and other manufacturers design slipper clutches to reduce this effect. Aprilia's method is to use engine vaccum to activate the slipper mechanism, while others basically use a spring ramp type design.

What you basically need to know about it is, umm nothing. I don't say that to be rude, its just that the system works invisibly, you don't notice it and you don't need to worry about it. The only people who would notice anything are those accustomed to pwerful engine braking on other twins. You seem really interested in the bikes, check out a few dealers in your area as they are usually pretty good about giving demo rides. When you ride the bike you will still feel more engine braking than your R1, but considerably less than you would on another twin without a slipper clutch.

Good luck,

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Red- Thanks for all your help. I only wish my "local" Aprilia dealer was
a little closer (5 hour drive,speeding/images/icons/wink.gif).
Thanks again.

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First I must say the Mille is a beautiful bike.

My question is, how comfortable are they? I ride a Daytona 955i and it fits me well. (6'6") But I still luv the RSV Mille.

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