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OK Guys and Gals - we need to build out repository of Aprilia knowledge again. POST YOUR MODS!!!

Scott /images/icons/smile.gif

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00.5’ RSV Mille

My Mods

1. Power Bronze Screen
2. Evol Ignition Amp
3. Evol high performance plug wires
4. Evol license plate kit
5. Evol turn signal integrator
6. 44 tooth rear sprocket
7. Mototek adjustable rear sets
8. PVM Magnesium Wheels
9. Renegade Low Mount Carbon Fiber Full System
10. Renegade EPROM
11. Renegade Air box replacement kit
12. Carbon Fiber under tank panels, rear hugger, chain guard, heel guards
13. Lion head decals….makes bike quicker /images/icons/wink.gif

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"Do you know what 'the world' is to me? Shall I show it to you in my mirror?" Nietzsche
1. Remus Genesis CF slip-on
2. Arrow chip (formerly FP)
3. 44T rear sprocket
4. Re-routed crankcase breather to atmosphere.
5. De-stickered
6. Circuit thick dirtbike grips
7. Powerbronze dark smoke windshield
8. Removed rear reflector
9. Euro switch gear (allows me to run park lights or turn off headlights)
10. Battery tender quick disconnect plug installed.
11. Red reflector wing-nuts securing license plate

Can you guys tell I have mod envy and I am stretching mine here?. Damn you, MyapriliaRSV /images/icons/laugh.gif

Take care,

I could have been a squid, but I was too busy posing.
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<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr>

Can you guys tell I have mod envy and I am stretching mine here?. Damn you, MyapriliaRSV


stretching? nahhh.......I always thought that numbers 8 & 11 were very important mods /images/icons/wink.gif

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Picture in Attachment

Powerbronze DoubleBubble Windscreen
Evo Rear Turnsignal Conversion Kit
Carbon Fibre Foot Guards
Red Ergal Screws
Giannelli Dual High Mount Exhaust
Arrow Chip
Renegade Airbox Kit
Ohlins Steering Damper
Custom Cutting/Removing of Decals

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Hey Jim: Those Lion stickers? I figure that if you replace yours with carbon fiber stickers that it might give ya a little more top end!!!!! Wind it up man!!!!

Steve The Electric Banana Man
Steve - Any mods yet???

Scott /images/icons/smile.gif

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2001 Diablo Black-Fluro Red RSV
1.Black Double Bubble Screen
2.Blue Aprilia Egral fasteners
3.Blue Aprilia Egral Adjustable footpegs
5.5 spoke Dymag wheels in Dark Blue metallic
6.Bridgestone Battlax BT-010s 120/70 front, 180/55 rear
7.Carbon fiber front,rear and chain guards, side panel air ducts and tail light surround
8.16T front sprocket
9.Tigcraft twin exhaust
10.Renegade air kit
11.Clear rear lenses
12.LED rear lights
13.Arrow clear micro indicators
14.Datatool Digi
15.Aprilia Ti exhaust
16.Factory Pro eprom
17.Titanium caliper bolts
18.Ohlins shock + remote preload
19.Removed air baffles on front fairing
20.Blue LED on front fairing
21.Talon Alu. 42T rear sprocket
22.Anti flash number plate
23.R&G frame protectors
I'll have to take a new pic, to show the micro indicators, clear rear end and Dymag wheels

Future Mods to include forks revalved and sprung (Racetech), full Carbon Fiber bodywork (Sebimoto)and when I learn how to ride this bike, an engine rebuild at FW Developments producing 140bhp at rear wheel.
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How do you like the Datatool Digi? I saw it at Bike Week over here in the states this past weekend. Looks like a great add on. How difficult was the installation/programming of the device?
Hi, It was straight forward, you have to locate the correct wires from the back of the connector plug that goes into the back of the speedo/rev counter and solder the Digi wires in place. In use it takes the Digi a few seconds to display the gear your're in when you're on the move.
Where did you get the rear c/f taillight surround?
QB Carbon here in the UK. I bought the first one made a few weeks ago......last week the bike blew over in a very bad storm we had and cracked the tail light surround and front indicator, so now I have the second carbon tail light surround made by QB Carbon. And for the price of a replacement indicator (turn signal) stalk from Aprilia have fitted 4 Arrow micro indicators + clear lenses
Hey All!!!

Here Is My Mod. List
1. Rengade Ti Low Mount Full system
2. Renegade AirBox Kit
3.Evo Ignition Amp
4.Evo Ignition Wires
5.Frame Sliders from Ed
6.Evo rear plate relocator
7.13/14 Factorypro chip
8.Rengade Chip
9.Carbon Fiber rear fender, side guards,dash cover,and front fender.
10. 16/43 520 chain conversion
11. Power Comannder
12.Aprilia Dual Shot-Gun slip-on with chip, Aluminum bracket, and custom bracket. (For Sale $550+ shipping)
13.K&N Air filter (For Sale $30)
14. Evo fuel pressure Regulator upgrade with gauge
15.Custom Loin head stickers
16. Removed rear stickers from tail section....(THANKS JIM!!!!!!)
17. I think I'm done!!!!!!! For Now....OOOPPS new tires too!!!! Dragon Evo Super Corsas

ok I'm done!

Later All!!

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BirdofPrey97, That is alot of mods for a Mille. How do you make all that work on just one bike?/images/icons/laugh.gif Glad I'm not the only one that could not makeup my mind.

Hello, Come in Earth, Over./images/icons/wink.gif
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Hey if you guys are gonna start listing spare stuff you have in your garage and not actually on the bike I demand a do-over of my list /images/icons/laugh.gif. Does $0.50 air from a Mobil gas station count as a mod?. One or two mods if I have that air in both tires?.

Take care,

I could have been a squid, but I was too busy posing.
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Gregory, New air in both tires diffidently counts for two mods! How about 4 quarts of new oil and a new oil filter?/images/icons/laugh.gif

Hello, Come in Earth, Over./images/icons/wink.gif
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Oil and filter works is ok, but if you get that, then I get to list the silicone I used to seal my ram-air tubes /images/icons/wink.gif.

Home Depot rocks.

Take care,

I could have been a squid, but I was too busy posing.
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