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Hey all,
Anyone up for becoming a moderator and helping to keep the site clean? More details below.

We are currently looking for new volunteers to join our team of dedicated site moderators. Our ideal candidate is dependable, reliable and willing to help all members of the community. Our moderators are leaders within the community and our community members will be reliant on you for advice and knowledge.

You will be expected to help prevent and remove spam or other unwanted activity within the forum while helping new members. As a moderator, you will be working closely with the other moderators to keep the forums friendly and inviting to the community.

We are looking for candidates who meet the following criteria:
  • Participated in the forum for at least 1 year
  • Frequent posts and replies with other members in the forum
  • No history of rules violations

If you meet our expectations and are willing to continue to actively participate in the forum, we would like to discuss joining our team of volunteers. Feel free to contact us directly or reply to this thread to submit your candidacy.

Please note, we only have a select number of openings available at this time. We may consider others for future openings when they become available.

Your Community Management Team

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Moderators for a site that is a graveyard of old posts and old memories???

Well looks like i dont qualify anyhow LOL

lets see

Active on the forum? as active as everyone else here LOL
Been around for more than a year? what about 23 years (FUCK IM GETTING OLD)
No history of rule violations? lets see, 10k+ posts ---> got into a big flame war -----> account deleted and banned -----> shit cleared up after several months -------> returned as a moderator -----> site died out and i became a ghost as did everyone else

bottom line

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