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Lee Parks’ Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic comes to AZ January 29.

Gilbert Arizona -- If you’re an experienced motorcyclist interested in improving your riding skills but are unwilling to take on the additional risks associated with the high-speed environment of a race track, you’re not alone. Based on his new book “Total Control” National Racing Champion Lee Parks’ first “Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic” (Total Control ARC) will be held on January 29th at T.E.A.M. Arizona’s rider training center in Gilbert, AZ.

The Total Control ARC fills the gap between the MSF’s Experienced RiderCourse (ERC) and a typical track day. Cornering technique is the primary focus of the clinic and the individual skills taught include; throttle control, throttle/brake transitions, corner entry, line selection, body position and corner exit. Depending on what type of bike you ride these techniques will vary slightly but all follow the same philosophical principals. The range portion of the training takes place in a large parking lot where each of the riding exercises are individually explained, demonstrated by an instructor, and practiced by each student. Working on only one skill at a time with constant instructor feedback creates the building blocks to consistent riding improvements. Each skill is built using small two-mph increments until the desired result is achieved. Typical corning speeds never exceed 30 mph and while this may seem slow, it feels very fast while cornering around a 40-foot circle. This learning technique allows for
high rider confidence and is incredibly effective due to its ability to minimize fear as much as possible. Many sportbike riders learn how to drag their knees for the first time while cruiser and touring riders learn the secrets to maximizing ground clearance. All riders come away with specific measurable improvements in their riding skills and safety with a level of control previously unattainable.

All Total Control ARC skills are taught with their direct applications for street riding. In addition to the range portion of the class a practical classroom presentation on motorcycle suspension is included. Students learn how to analyze the effectiveness of their suspension and how to set it up for maximum control and comfort.

All students must provide their own bikes and have at least one year of riding experience. Protective gear is required for all students, which include a DOT-approved helmet (full-face recommended), motorcycle jacket and pants, gloves and boots that cover the ankles. Jeans and fingerless gloves are not allowed, but Kevlar jeans will be accepted. The cost for the eight-hour Total Control ARC is $295, which includes lunch and a workbook with explanations and examples of the techniques and concepts covered in the course. A $100 deposit guarantees your spot, with the balance payable two weeks before the start of the course. For questions or to secure a spot call Lee Parks at 760-220-5045. CLICK HERE for more information on the Total Control ARC. Directions to T.E.A.M. Arizona’s rider training facility can be found here. here.
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