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What kind of leathers have you crashed in and how did they fare?

Please mention crash conditions, speed etc.

Photos of crashed leathers also appreciated.


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Fieldsheer 2 pc. suit (model unknown).
Full wrap-around plastic zipper (heavy-duty style)
CE approved armor in elbows, shoulder, knees. Soft armor in back and at hips.

Turn 2 at Spokane Raceway Park.
Approximately 60 - 80 mph left-hand turn.
Duration of slide was approximately 30 feet, at which point I slid off into gravel.
Pavement contact was entirely sliding, no tumbling occured until I hit the gravel.

Damage to me:

Damage to leathers:
the seam on the back of the thigh had torn, and about 2 - 3" started to split apart. Otherwise, minor scuff damage, but not too noticable (mostly black leather with some yellow and silver).

Good points:
The zippers held together and did not seperate or tear.
No wholes were worn through the leather, nor was there any particular spot where the leather was close the wearing through (the fact that my weight was distributed throughout my entire left side helped, I'm sure).
The armor seemed to have worked, as I did not have any bruises on my body.

Bad points:
The fact that the seams started to split really scared me. Had I slide on the cement much further there would have been a good chance that my skin would have come in contact with the ground. At Reg Pridmore's CLASS school Reg explained to us that the main difference between a $500 suit and a $800 suit is that the $800 suit will often times have much better stitching. I believe him.

In all, the leathers did their job. But, when I have enough money in the near future I will definately invest in a higher quality suit with good, solid, double-stitching that is protected from abrasion.


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FirstGear Flightline Pants
FirstGear Sport Pilot Jacket
Sidi Vertabra Boots
Arai Quantum/f Helmet
Alpinestars GP Plus Gloves

Crash: 0 mph, tipped over on it's right side while I was getting on the bike. The bike was parked on a slope, and I didn't pay enough attention when getting on.

Damage: Heavily bruised ego, $2500 in damage to the bike.

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I've had a few crashes, so here go's...

1st Crash 70 mph lowside. Gear "Joe Rocket Highside" Slid about 80 feet till I hit reflecter that stopped me from sliding. Damage to my suir was just scuffs and a small rip in the elastic material behind my knee. I still where my Joe Rocket today.

2nd Crash. 80 mph Wheelie gone bad... real bad! You guessed it, I looped it! Gear Vanson Jacket with Hard Aromor, Vanson Perferated pants (no amomor). I slid about 300 feet on asphalt (keep thinkin, "when in the hell am I going to stop?"My a$$ was being burned from the friction.) Damage, Jacket held up well, scuffs and a small split at the seem on the sholder. The pants were thiner and wore thur after about half of the slid. The rest of the damage came at the expense of my a$$. Anyway my Joe Rocket Speedmaaster gloves and Sidi boots held up great on both crashes. The gloves have since been retired but the boots still see action. I'd recommend the Joe Rocket gear as well as the Vanson stuff. I would think twice about the perferated Vanson pants just because they're so thin. They're cool (temp wise) but not as much protection in a crash.

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Dainese Flash 2 leather jacket (armor w/lower back)
Dainese P103 leather pants (armor)
Sidi Motosport boots (1st) / Sidi Vertebra Race boots (2nd)
Arai Quantum /e
Held 2277 Racing leather gloves

First accident I was doing about 50mpg on a long straight when a groundhog ran point blank into my path. Rider error had me on the ground (rough asphalt) tumbling like a carpet before landing in a shallow grassy ditch. Jacket/pants did not seperate at the zipper and overall I'm scuffed up on the jacket, pants, gloves and boots but everything held up well. Only the right glove had a very tiny spot were the stitching gave way (.50") on the outside pinky towards the end; I did not stop wearing them. The helmet never touched the ground amazingly.

Second incident I was doing maybe 35-40 on a slight decline when I lightly feathered the front brake and the front tucked (I happened to be situated in the center of the lane and the morning dew had brought the oils to the surface). This time around I slid on my left side before getting collected in the guardrail. My helmet was scratched up on the side and face shield. The boots (Race) suffered minor abrasions to the ankle braces and various sliders (all replaceable). The pants and jacket really didn't show much more scuffing than what was already present from the first accident. The gloves were not any worse off either. The back armor should a slight discoloration where there was impact but it was not cracked.

I had the insurance company replace all of my gear except for the Race boots which I still wear today. I replaced the gear with another Dainese Flash 2 jacket, Dainese P217 pants (upgraded armor + hip protection), Dainese BackSpace2 protector (larger coverage), Dainese T-Age gloves and a Arai RX-7 RR4 helmet. I wear all of the above on every ride I take with very few exceptions. The exception being that I might wear jeans if I'm going to a family or public gathering; all other kit is worn.

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