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Whats up everyone,

Las Vegas Wheelie Road Local Kane of was surpised and honored to be 1 of 8 riders invited to compete at Freestyle Street Extremes' inagural screening at the Mountain Dew Action Sports Tour (Formerly Gravity Games) at the Reliant Center Houston TX, January 22nd 2005.

Our sport is to be going up right before the headlining FMX freestylers go out and do their thing, and the final round is to be televised. more information as i recieve it. First place takes 10,000 dollars.

Being one of only two invited from the entire West Coast of amazingly talented and skillfull riders I am going to do my best to really represent the West Coast and Las Vegas in particular while going head to head with some of the most talented riders in the sport today.

Wish me luck everyone. I hope to help show them that street extreme stunt riding can be a legit sport and do what i can (as small as my portion may be) to help in aiding our sport to the next level.


For more information CLICK HERE

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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