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($230 for members - see details at bottom)

The format will be as follows:

We will run three groups (A, B & C).

"A" will be for racers and people with alot of track experience. "A" group will be allowed to inside or outside pass.

"B" group will be our intermediate group. "B" group will be allowed to pass only on the outside. This may change for the "B" group later in the morning or afternnon depending how the sessions go in "B" group.

"C" group will be our beginner group and will be allowed to pass only on the outside.

We will provide 12 corner workers, an ALS ambulance, healthy breakfast snacks, lunch , a raffle for sponsor give-aways, and all you can drink gatorage and water. members receive a $20 discount by registering on-line @ - In the track experience box, after describing the amount of track day experience you have, add the words:" $20 discount"

Ken Kramp
949 751 8368
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