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Kawi 2 strokes

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I'm interested in learning more about the Kawasaki
2-stroke triples, and other 2-stroke streetbikes made by Kawi.

I've found a lot of pictures on the net.
But not much info on how they ride, what kind of power they
produce, how reliable, or how they handle.
For some reason they have sparked my interest lately.
Not in a I want to rush out and buy one way, just sorta
want to learn more about them, and see if I might be interested.

Anyone know any good sources of info?

Is winter over yet?
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they're great bikes for they're age. as for power
s1 250-32hp, kh250 (later model)28hp, s2 350-45hp, s3 400-47hp, kh400-38hp, h1 500-60hp, kh500-52hp, h2 750-71hp. now with porting and some work quite a bit more available. s2 i'm gonna build will have about same as 750. depending on porting for 750 upwards of 150hp. not to bad for these old things. handle like crap. they don't like corners unless you like looking at the assend of your bike going around them. straight line they're a blast. nothing like the ring ding ding of a triple. and the smoke is bliss. heck i'm a nut for them. 10 of them in the garage. for the money the h1 is the way to go. plenty of parts still around for reasonable price. i'll try to find the locations of the sites for you later. shoot me an email or something later. hope this helps a little. be warned though. these things are like lay's potato chips, one is never enough. see ya
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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