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I just got my 9r back from Race Worx a couple of days ago. I got a full Akro exhaust, a Factory jetkit, a ignition timing advancer, and went down a tooth in the front sprocket.

Now I'm pissed off cause its been raining and flooding for 3 straight days, and it NEVER rains here. I am dying to go riding. I'm so desperate to ride that I am actually dogging my truck and I never do that to my cage.

I'll give a ride report and post some dyno numbers when I get time. Unfortunately, Race Worx dyno is broke, so I wont be able to get it dyno'ed until April. I was hoping for a before and after.

I have one question though. Since I went down 1 tooth in the front, how off will my speedo be and in what direction will it be off? Will it read faster than I am going, or will it read slower than I am going?


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Hey I know the pain, waiting on weather sucks.

Your speedo will read fast.
Eg. If you are traveling 50, it may read 55.

The percentage out would be the old ratio divided by the new.

I don't know the stock combo.

If stock was 18/46 and you went to 17/46

then divide 18/46 by 17/46.
In my example
I get 1.058
Your speedo will read 105.8% of the speed it would with
stock gearing. (5.8% high)

Is winter over yet?

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Medwick, fill out the profile so we know more about the the year. Depending on where the speedo pick up is, it may not affect it. On my '95 9r it's on the front wheel. Therefore, when I dropped one tooth in the front, it didn't alter the speedo at all.

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