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Is there such thing as too much Harley Bashing?

[/ QUOTE ]

Could be. This article became tedious a quarter of the way through.

Of course I agree with it all, except for lionizing Erik Buell.

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That page has been there out for years. It's actually pretty funny to read sometimes (although a bit boring).

As someone who owns and enjoys both types of bikes (hopefully I can add another sport bike to my garage this year!), my only thoughts are everybody has their own preferences, be it riding, shooting, favorite cars, etc. etc., and to each their own. The one simple fact most people forget with Harley (and cruisers in general) is that most people looking to buy (or already own) a bike like that aren't looking to break any speed records, and would rather spend all day in the saddle enjoying the outdoors! I know if I had tried to do a 250+ mile ride like yesterday on my lightning, I would probably be permanently in traction!

Regardless of what you ride, be safe out there! :waytogo:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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