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AMA Pro Racing Plans: 1000cc Superbike/Supersport, 600cc Supersport, With One Other Class To Be Determined By Market Forces

Copyright 2002, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.

AMA Pro Racing plans to eliminate the current class structure in favor of a hybrid Superbike-chassis/Supersport-engine 1000cc featured class, a 600cc Supersport class, and one other support class "to be determined by market forces." Under the plan, V-Twins may be allowed up to 1200cc.

That's what AMA staffers told members of the Road Racing Advisory Board during a meeting held in Daytona on Tuesday evening, March 5.

The new featured class would allow exotic Showa forks like those run on Yoshimura Suzuki Superbikes but would not allow stock connecting rods to be changed. Rules would require the use of stock pistons, rings, rods and cranks but would allow parts to be milled to raise compression. If raising compression caused stock connecting rods to fail, engine builders would not be allowed to use aftermarket or modified OEM rods.

Although not overtly specified, it was clear to participants in the meeting that the Pro Thunder and 250cc Grand Prix classes would be eliminated if AMA Pro Racing staffers get their way and the plan is adopted.

Although some observers worry that reducing the number of classes at AMA events would eliminate the need for manufacturers to support multiple teams and thus cause a dramatic reduction in the number of supported teams, Advisory Board member Kevin Erion of Honda-backed Erion Racing said during the meeting that such a scenario wouldn't affect him.

Hearing about the meeting afterwards, Ducati team members wondered how their teams could fit into the new plan, and one team owner said that under the new rules "there would be no place for a Ducati."

AMA Pro Racing staffers are scheduled to present their plan to the AMA Pro Racing Board of Directors on Thursday, March 7.

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