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First come first serve this is a special sale you have to call or email us on the pricing our deal will not be beat there is very few left in stock so get it while there still here.

05-06 GSX-R 1000 HyperPro Active (RSC- Reactive Speed Control) Damper System.

The HyperPro RSC is the only active valving damper available. As steering speed increases, the internal valving changes automatically to increase the damping effect. This results in a light, easy handling ride at low speeds while still keeping the heavy damping during extreme situations.

Damping can be adjusted in a wide range, divided in 22 positions. This results in a smooth, light and easy handling at low speeds combined with heavy damping that AUTOMATICALLY kicks in during extreme situations. No other aftermarket company offers anything even close, a Hyperpro Exclusive feature found only on the RSC damper.

HyperPro Suzuki GSXR 1000 Steering Damper Kit 05-06 - Tobefast

Call or email us on pricing our deal will not be beat

Thanks for your business!

Team McCoy Motorsports
Phone: 606-432-1556
Email: [email protected]
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