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Up here in the north georgia mountains, we bought some land we plan to build a house on next summer... the other night we got a couple inches of snow...

Needless to say, any snow/ice we're not getting up or down the mountain to the main road... We'll have to get a 4 wheeler and leave our car parked at the bottom of the neighborhood if it looks like snow...

So, if we buy a 4 wheeler in future, I'd also like to use it for hunting too...

The stock muffler's that come on a 4 wheeler are pretty much like a stock cycle muffler...

We all talk about after market mods and with mufflers we want more sound...

Suppose you want to go the opposite direction? How do you make it more quiet?

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The few I heard stock are really quiet. Neighbors behind us ride theirs in teh park (completely illegal here and they have got tickets but apparently dont give a damn. 2 yrs ago one of the kids damn near hit a little kid who was playing in teh park :rolling:. And they wonder why its illegal to ride 4 wheelers in this city even on your own property :rolling:).
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