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He`s Back!!!!!!

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Well HAGA was giving them fitz right off the get go!!!! Yea, I know it`s early but MY prediction is that we are looking at a new wsbk champ!!! It sure was nice seeing him back in the race series he is so competitive in. Watch out Bayliss when they get it sorted you`ll be in his sites!!!!!
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Yup. Haga ROCKS!

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I don't doubt for one second that Haga can take it all this year. It won't be easy, but he knows how to win.

BTW, Go Colin! (I had to throw that in there /images/icons/smile.gif)

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To continue on about "Collin"...

Not my favorite rider, I pull for him because he's american, but I never thought his riding style was very exciting....

But, did you guys see how he was sliding it around in Valencia? Totally different! It looked great and got me pumped. The VTR's got a new frame this year with more flex and it shows. I luv seeing that type of riding. It lets the spectator be more in touch with how hard the riders are actually pushing.
Hopefully the VTR will continue to pump out that kinda of performance this year.../images/icons/smile.gif

And on another one has talked about how freaking embarassing it was for Chilli to get beat by Lavilla in Chilli's own old bike...I know he's feeling the pressure

just Ride!
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Go Haga!

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Edwards sure looked like he was pushing that bike hard. Impressive how he caught those front 3! Haga's on it! Bayliss didn't seem to have much trouble gapping Haga though once he caught him. What happened??? Great race! Can't wait for the next one. And what happened to Xaus? Maybe the long break wasn't a good thing for him afterall. It's gonna be a great season if race 2 was any indication of what's in store for us/images/icons/smile.gif.

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Edwards sure looked like he was pushing that bike hard. Impressive how he caught those front 3!


Not really. Bostrom and Haga dicing for the lead slowed things down a few seconds per lap allowing Bayliss and Edwards to creep in. Plus, since Colin and Troy weren't fighting for positions at the time they were riding their own race and conserving tires while Ben and Nori were wearing theirs out. That is why I believe both Haga (finishing 2+ seconds behind) and Ben (finishing 5+ seconds beind) dropped off after Bayliss scooted on past. Great race, look forward to seeing more like it in the next 12 rounds.

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Excellent race but does anyone know what happened to Chili in race 2? He didnt even show up on the final results. Bayliss was great and Haga even better, but Honda looks like they have some work to do.
Since he didn't respond to the Stop and Go (jumped the start) and was black flagged as a result I would assume he was disqualified from the race.

What a way to start his season off. I bet he was pretty pissed at coming in behind his old team/bike that he put all his money into getting a better start and blew it. /images/icons/frown.gif

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just watched race 2. i made a mistake in recording it last week so i just got it this afternoon. man i was screaming my head off and grinning ear to ear...!!! LOL WAAAAHHHHOOO...!!! haga's far and away, my favorite rider.

i already knew bayliss had done the double of course, so i watched intently... for after leading so many laps with bostrom in tow, i was wondering what was going to happen that would give bayliss the win....? man, i knew betting on haga for this season would be a "no-brainer" after his wrestling last season (and in '98) with the peaky 2-strokes.

i love watching that guy ride. epecially, after bostrom put the pass on 'em and he answered right back. YEEEESSS...!!! but naturally, all that action at the front only serves to burn up tires as troy knew all along... :( so the "F" what... i don't care... LOL it's a shame i've got wait all the way to september for the assen round just to see him passing people on the outside...!!! :)
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