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Hard Numbers on 954??

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I put this post in before the change over to the new server. What do you guys think of these numbers? I only have about 150 miles on my 954, but that's enough for me to think these numbers are too low.

Received my April issue of Cycle World today. They have a short article on the 954. If you believe what these mags say, here's the numbers:

0-60 in 2.8 secs
1/4 mile in 10. 38 secs @ 135.65mph
136.5 bhp @ 11,000 rpm
71.8 ft-lbs. @ 7950 rpm
Top Speed = 167 mph

The new test at rates the R1 first, 954 close second and the Gxxr1 last.

Enjoy and ride red!!!!

I use to ride a Suzuki, but I wore out too many shoes.
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Didn't this post cause a lot of flame wars the first time you posted it/images/icons/smile.gif?

Let other people be right soothes them for being nothing else!
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if the 954 is making over 136hp stock, then it is quite possible that with the Serpent it will "tickle" the 150hp mark
do you got the roll on numbers?!

I saw the 2Wf comp and it sounds prety unbiast, I think the bodywork pushed the R1 into the lead......
...........I'm stil tryin to scratch up the jack for a SP2 but after seein the tests and all I'm wondering if the old "V" is still it for me.

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In Motorcyclist, they say their dyno numbers don't explain how the 954 runs the quickest 60-80mph top-gear roll-on they've seen....2.61 seconds!!!

Are you getting a kick back from the company that makes these Serpent Exhausts?

Or are you just another happy customer that uses these pipes?
yes gix, i have made over 25,000 dollars so far and im still getting bonuses daily .... not to mention they gave me my pipe for free by agreeing to get some word of mouth advertising out there for them! :)
I knew Full-Force had to have some kind of deal with Micron. I dont think I've seen a post from him, that doesn't mention the serpants. I think I give Akrapovic a call......../images/icons/wink.gif/images/icons/smile.gif

"The road to hell is paved....Ride it!"
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thats funny kid ... hell guys, i dont know why i talk so much shat about the serpents but it made my bike a monster .... i stated in another thread that no ther pipe was making the power of the serpent to date .. i was talking about for the 929 ... the guy that does most of the peoples exhaust around here told me that he has never had a 929 dyno at 140hp ... he sells akrapovic pipes like they are going out of style! he sells his full akra exhaust for the r1 and 929 for 1000 dollars even with titanium can and a dyno run ... to date his best results on a 929 are 138hp with full akra and PC ... any of you guys that follow WERA races may know him, his name is Bud Lawter ... he has won a championship in about every class there is
Did you get that PM I sent you full-force?

I am trying to sneak in on the Micron payoff /images/icons/smile.gif

I can kill a yak from 200 yards away....With MIND BULLETS!!!
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what do you mean trying to cut in on my bonuses you bastard, see if akrapovic will sponsor you, i already have micron in the bag! ... oh yeah, and while im thinking about it, i have noticed that you are using my bike in some of your profile pics on other forums ... that is going to cost you my friend ... its gonna take 5000 dollars or 5 serpent systems to smooth things over with me!
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