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TravellinJones said:
The Invisible Man and Friends

[/ QUOTE ]


who recogns the boobs in 29???

[/ QUOTE ]
?Nicole Kidman? /wwwthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif

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Yes, how do we play this? I mean 61 is pretty obvious and I recognize the couch in 58 as being an intergral part of the scene. The bolts in the wall (not arrows) in 56, make it easy to figure out. OK, I know what movie 52, 46, 47,43,51, 38, 33,34, 28, 8, 9, 18 and 24 are from.
I could make some very good guesses at several others.

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Rather than just claim that you know them, how about actually proving it by saying what the movies are?

These are too hard. I'm only confident about 1 of them

33- Forest gump

And suspicious of

16 - The Natural or Field of Dreams.

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pulse said:
Rather than just claim that you know them, how about actually proving it by saying what the movies are?

[/ QUOTE ]
Wouldn't that kinda ruin it for the other people trying to guess? Oh well here are my guesses. I think I know 18
5 My girl
9 Full Metal Jacket
10 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
15 Saturday night fever. If not that is defintaly john travolta
16 A field of dreams
18 Pulp Fiction
25 Mr Deeds
28 Blair Witch Project
30 Hellraiser
31 A christmas story
33 Forrest gump
35 outbreak
38 Shrek
43 Porkies
47 The matrix
51 Grease
59 The fast and the furious
61 Schindlers List

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before his edit, there was a sentence confusing me, about putting online and stuff - though i thought he would edit the pic, and reveal the names, once mentioned... but i wasn´t shure and didn´t want to spoil it all... /wwwthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif

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Just to clarify...

I got these pictures on an Excel document at work. Your usual spam email you get at work from other co-workers. :rolling:

It did not come with the right answers so I thought I posted it here and have you guys go at it. :wink:

I am a bit curious about the ones that are not so obvious. Basically the ones that have not been mentioned yet :grin:

I'm sure that one of our inresident-Photoshop experts/Internet/Movie geeks will come up with all of them.

BTW, I thinkg 46 is TRADING PLACES with Dan Akroy and Eddy Murphy (sp).

BBTW, check out the last slide, I made a mistake and posteded twice. Now it should be the right one with new snapshots of movies.

One of them is Godzilla

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7 dark city
10 Jay and Silent Bob
12 Gremlins
16 Field of dreams
18 Had Bruce willis in it.. cant remember name..
25 Mr. Deeds
28 Blair Witch?
30 Hellraiser?
31 A Christmas Story
33 Forest Gump
34 Office Space
38 Shreck
43 Porky's
46 Trading Places
47 Matrix
51 Grease
54 Its got Samual L Jackson in it...
59 Fast and the Furious
60 One flew over the cookoos nest
63 Jerry Mcguire
66 Water Boy
71 Sleepy Hollow
72 Godzilla

Some of those are straight up driving me crazy cause I can't remember the name of the frickin movie... :lol:

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Time to make a few more guesses.
2 Unforgiven
7 The untouchables
11 Lawrence of Aribia
21 Ransom
44 Panic Room (remember the little girl that looks like her)
58 American Beauty (now that someone pointed out the couch)
64 Multiplicity
70 White Men can't jump :2cents:

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Oh so this is how we're going to play? well what hasn't been identified....
Nobody recognized the bolts as belonging to Bachelor party (56)?
18 Pulp fiction (oops already mentioned)
24 the fugitive
52 Top Secret
67 looks like the full monty
8 looks like sleepless in seattle (or you've got mail (17)...)
13 looks like revenge of the nerds
54 could be changing lanes
55 is that Butch cassidy and the sundance kid?
19 Milk money
32 A beautiful mind
42 Cable guy
70 trainspotting?
26 misery

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the ones i got...

2=Open Range
5=My Girl
9=Full Metal Jacket
16=Field Of Dreams
25=Mr. Deeds
33=Forest Gump
34=Ofice Space
35=Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory? Maby
47=The Matrix
59=The Fast and The Furious
61=Shindlers List? (spelling)
70=White Men Can't Jump
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