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Good Deal or Not?

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Someone please help me out. /images/icons/crazy.gif
I was ready to trade in my R1 for a Duc 900ss when I came across a 2001 model 996, Zero miles, NEW! Still on the showroom floor.
They said it would cost me $13,545 (U.S. dollars) tax, title, everything, out the door with no trade-in.
I live in Japan and I know about Japanese bikes, but I'm new to the Ducati community.
Do you think this is a good price? Or should I keep my R1. /images/icons/frown.gif

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I would have to day thats a little high bro, My buddy just sold his for 10,500 yellow mono oilins front and rear shock lots of extras...keep searching , good luck
sorry didnt finish reading you post , no miles?.......its a toss up, depends how bad you want it

good luck
Sounds to me like a really good deal. The Duc isn't going to have the power your R1 does, but the handling and bike feedback will more than make up for the power you're giving up. Add a half system (exhaust) with a good chip (FIM) an inbox air filter and you'll bump the power up a bit. You're also going to get a 2 year warranty.

The recommended service visits are going to run you a bit more than your R1 though. Having no idea what the labor rate is in Japan it's hard to say what your 6k and 12k visits will run you.

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