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you guys know how big a fan i was of the benelli campaign. so how much does this blow for me...!?!?

copy/paste from rrw...

Benelli Quits World Superbike After Disastrous Valencia, But Foggy Says His Triple Is On Schedule

Copyright 2002, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.

By Glenn LeSanto

Saturday, March 9 marked the exit of one three-cylinder motorcycle while another was waiting in the wings. Benelli, beset by financial problems caused by the collapse of the Italian scooter market, threw in the towel at Valencia after a weekend of engine failures. Meanwhile, the Foggy Petronas Racing team swaggered into town insisting that their ambitious project to invent a motorcycle company from scratch was on schedule.



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That bites! I'll never forget Laguna last year. I showed up with my buddies on Friday and was watching practice from the vendor area over by the straight between turns 5 and 6. I could hear the shrieking fours and the booming twins, then I heard the triple. Oh my GOD!!!! What a sound, what a look.

It's really too bad about Benelli. It just makes it that much harder for the series to have a good long term outlook. I hope SBK can do what it takes to get the rest of the big manufacturers to participate. Whether it's upping capacity to an accross-the-board limit (1000cc) and using weight restrictions based on number of cylinders, or whatever. All I know is SBK's time is numbered if they don't change.

And Shamar, thx for the Benelli link. I played it until my wife came in the room and demanded I stop. It was bugging her.....several rooms away.
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