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Hi Y'all,

I just bought some Dainese T-Age gloves and no longer need these now... Size Medium

-Soft Carbon/Kevlar® abrasion panels
-Double leather panels
-Kevlar® top stitching
-Raised knuckle pads
-Ventilated finger sections

I've had these gloves for about a year now, probably worn for about 3000 miles on my Daytona and 1600 miles on my 748.

These are the gloves I was wearing when I ditched my Daytona in the rain. BUT! The gloves were not muddy or damaged! I forget which one, but the only noticeable wear is on the palm of one glove... it has just a few very minor scratches... so small, you can barely see them, I doubt they'd even show up in a pic if I took one... it looks like maybe just slight scratches you may have gotten while trying to get up from a sitting position on the sidewalk by pushing up on the gloves.

Again, the scratches are minimal! Can barely see 'em. These Gloves still look brand new, if you think I'm BS'ing you and you dont like 'em when you get 'em, I'll refund your money less shipping. Believe me, you wont be sorry...

I paid $90 for the Gloves, will sell for $50.

Email me if interested.


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