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Never down, lots of goodies.

Full Leo Vinci race exhaust with carbon hangers and ti cans
Race airbox kit with EVO air cleaner
Power Commander III usb w/custom map
520 RRP 44
520 light AFAM 16t front
RK GXW chain
Circuit One revalved forks 1.0Kb springs
Circuit One revalved rear shock 750 lb spring
Ohlins steering damper
Airtech bodywork professionally painted gloss black with white numberplates with spare pre production painted set.
Stock bodywork. It was used for the molds, so not perfect, but paintable and useable
Radiator modified to allow better cooling during race conditions
TCM rearsets

This bike won the WSMC BOTT heavyweight class championship, and won a WERA National Heavyweight Twins Superbike race. It is a rocket, and depending on dyno, has as much as 138 at the rearwheel. It could be converted back to a streetbike with a few hours work and a few dollars worth of metric fasteners.


$9500 plus crating and forward air shipping if necessary.

email John-Mark at: [email protected]

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
Not open for further replies.