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Was just up at track day. Saw a really nice 748 with a ton of carbon fiber go down in front of me. The guy was a total gump, but the bike was sweet. He had a set of frame sliders, and even in the dirt and rocks it saved his tank and swing arm. Question is, can I put them on for track day and take them off when I run my stock plastics on the street? I have heard of a couple different kinds of sliders. Any help would be appreciated.



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I'll copy and paste some stuff from my website. These sliders can be seen either at my site (see sig) or The really cool thing about these is that they are made to protect the bike in the even on a crash (obviously)..... but if the forces become too great they are designed to shear off as not to bend the frame. That's the problem with a few of the other sliders available.... they'll protect the bike even if it means bending the frame!!


The DS-1, DS-2, and DS-3 frame slider systems are designed to provide maximum protection to the body work, clutch, battery, and any component on the sides of the motorcycle, which may be damaged in the event of a fall. The system consists of a chromium-molybdenum alloy stud which replaces the stocklower engine mount bolt. Two machined aluminum nuts with stainless steel threaded for strength, thread on to each end of the stud. Two machined delrin sliders then slide over the nuts and are affixed by two cap screws.
The system is designed to protect the battery, clutch, body parts, and a substantial percentage of the components of the motorcycle which would come into with the ground in the event of a fall. A hole must be drilled through the side panels for intallation. The battery must be replaced with a smaller one (Yuasa YTX7L/BS and the YT7B/BS). Sliders are removable so you can use your OE plastic on the street.

Through their design and the types of materials incorporated, Cycle Cat slider systems provide several points of energy absorption and dissipation. The sliders themselves absorb direct impact and the abrasion of sliding. The aluminum nuts are designed to accommodate the force imparted by a direct impact, while also allowing absorption of lateral force in the event the bike slides into a stationary object.

In extreme cases, the stud will even absorb lateral impact force, protecting the frame. As impact absorption elements, slider components must be considered somewhat sacrificial in the event of a fall. To varying degrees, the greater the energy absorbed, the greater the possibility of damage to the slider. For that reason, every component of the Cycle Cat slider system is available as a replacement part, minimizing the expense of an otherwise costly crash.

Note: When used with the a solid footpeg (like the DP or cyclecat rearsets) and the handlebar sliders, the three solid points will keep the bike off the more expensive and vulnerable parts by distributing the load better.

DS-1...........All Ducati 748/916/996 models prior to and including model year 2000.

DS-2...........All Ducati 900 SS models prior to and including model year 1998.

DS-3...........All Ducati 748 and 996 models from 2001 model year and later

DS-4...........All Ducati 900 SS models 1999 and later.

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WOW! Small world! I met Alfred at my local duc shop in Columbus this past summer. He was interested in how I had mounted my license plate on the 748, and mentioned his company and the parts they were manufacturing. Really nice guy.

We then road over to a buddy's house so Alfred could check out his corse spec carbon fiber 916. Smalllll world... /images/icons/smile.gif
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