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No offense, this isnt meant to sound like a flame but........
If you have the warranty i dont know why you didnt just bring it to the dealer in the first place...why spend your money when you can spend theirs?

Yes it does sound like the regulator. The regulator/rectifier went bad in my F2 last summer. I put in a new battery and it went bad in a week. Then I put in another new battery and let the bike run while checking the voltage at the battery. It read 17.4 VOLTS!!!! No wonder it went bad, the regulator was letting the stator overcharge the battery.

If you want to make sure, put in a new battery and check the voltage with a voltmeter. It should read about 14 volts when running. Slightly less at idle, slightly more at 5000rpms+.
If you need more help, i can look around on my hard drive. I have a .pdf file somewhere on how to check all of that stuff that somebody on esportbike sent me when i was having trouble. BUT if i were you, i'd bring it to the dealer if its covered under warranty.

It cost me $120 from dennis kirk. I think the dealer wants something like $300 for the regulator.

92 CBR 600F2
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